Soft limits

This page explains how we handle varous limits in our applications and services. In all cases, we'll give you choices to move forward. We don't want your inconvienience. What we are looking for is to make our business sustainable while keeping fair subscription prices.


Supportress limits the number of emails per month and there's a soft limit in storage (attachments).


  • Solo: 300 emails per month

  • Small: 1000 emails per month

  • Business: 10000 emails per month

What happens if I cross the email limits?

We don't do anything drastic. However we will let you know and ask you to upgrade. If you are already on the Business plan, we can give you a quote that will increase your monthly subscription. That will increase your limit.

What are the emails that count against the limit?

  • Inbound - the emails you receive from your customers

  • Outbound - the emails you send to your customers (the responses)

  • Notifications - the emails your team receives from Supportress


We don't have a hard limit. However, if we see excessive usage of storage for one of your organizations on Supportress, we may contact you. We reserve the right to ask you to change your usage patterns. If that's not convenient, we can give you a quote that will increase your monhtly subscription.

What if we cannot agree?

We'll do our best to accommodate you. But we reserve the right to suspend your account if we can't find a solution and our infrustructure suffers from a usage pattern.

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